Ancient Taxi

Ancient Taxi

Control a pre-historic helicopter which actually acts like a taxi

Ancient Taxi is an arcade game similar to those in the early 90s. You control a pre-historic helicopter which basically acts like a taxi. The main objective of the game is to take people from one area to another in order to advance through the levels and gain points. The game has 3 playable modes but they aren't very different from each other, instead they act more as difficulty levels.

The gameplay is pretty good. The game has a hint system that acts as a tutorial, which basically describes everything new you encounter. The levels get progressively harder, and each one has a time limit, however, it is usually set pretty high. For example, you'll have a limit of 8 minutes for a level, which can be easily completed in 3 minutes. The challenge is to complete the level as fast as you can, because that way you'll also receive more points. Throughout the levels, many other units will try and slow you down. Dinosaurs, for instance, will make landing near them very hard. Also there are flying kamikaze cave men, who will destroy the helicopter if they hit it. So the game does have some interesting parts to it, and it keeps things interesting. Another thing I really liked about the game is the level design. Earlier levels will be more open allowing more room for maneuvers but as you advance, everything will get narrower, making it a lot harder to navigate.

The game mechanics are very simple. By pressing the left mouse button, the helicopter will gain altitude, and you can steer it just as you would do with the mouse arrow. Other objects, besides people, can be picked up and then dropped with the space key. If you hit something too fast with the helicopter, it will break. Also if you hit the prehistoric people, they will drop in the water and you have a limited amount of time to rescue them, otherwise, they will drown.

Overall, Ancient Taxi is a nice game. It can appeal to players of any age, and the fact that it is so simple to play, makes it accessible for anyone.

Dennis Niels
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  • Easy to play
  • Many different levels
  • Various game modes


  • During the installation process, it will try to install additional software
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